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Hello shiny new website!

black greyhound portrait

Well this is extremely exciting - not only have I decided to take the plunge and get a 'proper' website up and running - this is also my first ever Blog!

Do things get any more exciting? Well ok, yes ... but it's pretty thrilling for 1.20 am on a Thursday morning I can tell you!

So the site is of course a work in progress, I have quite a few more products to add and loads more to actually create - it's just finding the time...

This week I have been working on several portrait commissions, a couple for Australian clients - I do get quite a lot of work from the lovely Aussies! I have had fun drawing a gorgeous greyhound - I'll try and attach a close up of his beautiful face if I can work that out!

I'm doing some design work for the lovely Hunter Davies team up on the beautiful windswept Isle of Skye - logos and illustrations for some beautiful Scottish hotels and villages, weavers and B+B's.

BUT the most exciting event of the week has definitely been the arrival of my first ever pair of Tango shoes - Oh yes - Sooooooo damn glamorous - I'll take them out for a spin tomorrow!